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The journey a human body undergoes from the birth to adulthood is nothing short of amazing. The body goes through a large number of physical changes – some of these changes can be surprisingly challenging for a child. In certain cases, neglect can often lead to an underdeveloped physical being in a child. As caregivers, one would not want their child to encounter disruptions in their normal growth.

Chiropractors at Rio Grande Valley take care of this side of the spectrum by including paediatric care under their services. We keep in mind the concerns of young parents who wish for a healthy lifestyle for their growing child. Thus, we welcome families with babies to witness our paediatric chiropractic treatment first-hand.

Our offering for paediatric treatments are 100% safe. They have been developed by a skilled team of chiropractors after much research. As a result, Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors can offer services that safe to all age groups. Watch your child play around without any pain or discomfort.

Safety of Chiropractic Treatment in Children

The studies from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prove that almost 3% of children undergo some form of chiropractic treatment. A larger section undergo osteopathic treatments and manipulations. The numbers under chiropractic treatments have only been increasing over the years – over 17% of chiropractic patients are under the age of 18.

The popularity of chiropractic treatment among children only reinforced how safe a chiropractic therapy is as an operation. Working with children require good knowledge of the causes of pain, the depth of thrusts and the techniques. The team of chiropractors who work at RGV Chiropractors can effectively handle any musculoskeletal issues in children or teenagers.

Need for Paediatric Chiropractic Treatments

Out of all the age groups, people are often quite nervous about bringing their new-born babies to the clinic. New born babies undergo tremendous pressures during delivery. This can give rise to problems in the future. The conditions that may seem small today often tend to seem large in the growing years. Thus, chiropractic treatment in new born babies can fix their alignment issues so that they do not have to grow up with accidental impairments.

Children who are in school are the target group in case of paediatric chiropractic care. The physical stress of carrying a heavy backpack containing books lead to serious damage of the spine. Athletics and sports mishaps can lead to difficulties in the physical system. Therefore, regular chiropractic care is necessary to keep unfortunate events at bay.

Treatment from Chiropractors in
Rio Grande Valley

Chiropractors at Rio Grande Valley offer the best service to your children. The team of doctors working with us ensure care and support for your child apart from painless treatment options.  We schedule routine appointments in certain cases after which the effects of physical stress are significantly lessened.

Get in touch with us to fix your baby’s posture or align their spines thereby allowing maximum mobility. Call us or drop a mail at the registered email address. 

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