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Dealing with personal injuries can be quite a challenging task. Incidents that cause personal injury end up causing long-term discomfort. For instance, you could slip and fall down a flight of stairs – the injury may become apparent after a long while. The identification of the cause of the pain can often become tricky in such cases. However, the treatment for such injuries are usually massage therapies and medication from time to time.

At Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors, we deal with personal injuries with an attempt to find a long-term solution for them. Book an appointment with us to treat your injuries and manage pain accordingly in time.

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Treatment Procedure for Personal Injuries

Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors focus on treating an ailment from its root of cause. Expect us to take a detailed note of your medical history. Our chiropractor will learn about your past injuries, your points of concern, and the extent of discomfort so that they can have a full understanding of the probable issue. 

In some cases, patients often have history of their injury with regard to admittance to the hospital, prolonged treatments such as physiotherapy, and medication. We encourage patients to carry their previous prescriptions and treatment history so that we can effectively build the right treatment plan. The remedy we offer will thus encompass and better all the previous treatment plans in an intelligent manner.

Once the screenings and tests are done, our chiropractors will proceed to a treatment plan unless there is a need for a second opinion. Chiropractors at Rio Grande Valley will then attempt to align your spine, decompress it and then proceed with the usual chiropractic stretches on the affected body part.

The spinal adjustments that we conduct do not interfere with any ongoing treatment as they are non-invasive in nature. We try and reduce the stress on the joints by bringing in more range in motion. Massage therapies, electrostimulation therapies and temperature therapies may provide additional relief.

Treatment from Chiropractors in
Rio Grande Valley

The chiropractor partners at Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors carry out their own screenings despite diagnosis in the past. This is to obtain a fool-proof idea of the injury and its results on your body. We will check the range of motion, the pain levels, and the activity level. Patients are expected to inform the chiropractors if they experience any pain at any point of time.

The tests are usually quite simple involving movement of body parts, stretches, and lifts. We conduct them over a specific period of time in a specific way. The chiropractors monitor the movements and arrive at a conclusion. There may be lab tests prescribed if the injury is serious.

Book an appointment with us if you wish to relieve pain from any previous personal injury and our team of chiropractors will ensure the best for you!

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