Sports Injury

The Best Sports Injury Care In The Rio Grande Valley

Chiropractic treatments for neck and back alignments are common. However, fewer people know that chiropractors can treat a variety of issues apart from misalignment. A full body adjustment can benefit most people for instance. The kind of people who benefit the most from chiropractic treatments is athletes. Athletes depend on their bodies for their performance and as a result, it becomes increasingly important to take good care of their system.

Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors constitutes a team of skilled chiropractors who serve athletes of all ages and abilities. We help athletes target specific muscle groups, and joints. The common areas of pain in the human body need extra care when it comes to athletes. According to studies, athletic performance is said to increase after chiropractic care. The increase is found to be 7.5% in total – muscle inhibition reduced with spinal manipulation.

Young athletes have a lot of expectations and pressure on them to keep performing well. They put their bodies through a lot of toils resulting in frequent wear and tear. The sprains, strains, and injuries can be quite painful and lead to a serious impact on the person’s career as well. The key to healthy physical health is regular visits to a physiotherapist or a chiropractic professional.

Apart from regular care for the physique, sports involve severe injuries. These injuries take a lot of time and effort to get over – they can be muscle injuries, strains, misalignments, or even bone injuries. Chiropractic treatment at Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors can aid speedy recovery so that athletes can be back on track in no time.

It is no secret that good posture allows one a confident gait. Walk around with more ease and better mobility when you have the right body posture. Get your posture fixed at Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors so that you can always put the right foot forward. A straight, aligned back with little to no shoulder strain will give you the poise to walk freely.

Muscle Injury

Dealing with a strained muscle? It is time to get it tested and treated with us at Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors. We use effective practices that ease your pain while relaxing the pulled muscle. The relief from tightness in the tissue expedites the healing process in case of a muscle injury. Try our musculoskeletal manipulation to reduce pain.

Bone Injury

Rio Grande Valley Chiropractors help you recover from bone injuries at the earliest. Consider chiropractic adjustments that allow you to regain your bone strength in no time. Avoid excessive pain or discomfort in cases of bone injuries with specialized treatment from our team of doctors.


Combine acupuncture with chiropractic treatment to target a specific region in your body. Even though both treatments are vastly different in nature, these therapies can provide substantial relief together. Acupuncture, as well as chiropractic adjustments, are non-invasive and gentle – one brings balance while the other increases blood flow. This treatment is excellent for general skeleton-muscular well-being.

Body Massage

Chiropractors at Rio Grande Valley offer massage therapies that are not only effective but also relaxing. Our chiropractic massage is a combination of holistic methods and scientific studies. A body massage helps our clients to recover from bad spinal health, poor joint health, and degrading muscle functions. A massage along with a full-body adjustment offers you a chance at full-body benefits.

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At Rio Grande Valley, our goal is to correct your posture to avoid any misalignments. We keep in mind the best for our clients by ensuring that your spine works in complete harmony with your body. The treatment that you receive complements conventional medical care from doctors. Chiropractors at Rio Grande Valley offer their services to residents of the Rio Grande Valley Area.

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Our chiropractic adjustments do not cost a fortune. You can plan your treatments at regular intervals given the affordability.

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